DD…. Our Greatest Music Director…Pioneer of Music Industry and finest Human being… DUTTA DAVJEKAR


15th November.. D D’s birthday
DUTTA DAVJEKAR , A legendary musician with great talent and brilliance in composing music which touched our hearts. Thought to be a ‘technocrat extraordinaire’. His simplicity and humble nature shone in his music . The whole of Maharashtra and India knows about his music and his contribution.
For me he was my dearest Sangeetkar, a Guide and Guru. He was one of the most kindest human being I ever seen in this music industry.
I was one of the lucky one who got introduced to DD through my dearest friend Late Shantaram Nandgaonkar . DD gave me immense love and affection.
D D was a born musician. His interest in Music and electronics was from his childhood. He made the tiny radio in size of match box at an age of 5.He also won International American competition to build electric circuit in his early age.

D D could not complete his education due to many constraints but made sure all his children Vijay, Vinay, Rekha and Lalita were all well educated. His sons became Engineers and daughter Rekha, became a doctor. Vijay through guidance from his father and being an Electronic Engineer made many electronic musical Instruments like tanpura swar manjusha , Swar peti and many more.
Vinay is known in Kolhapur as a leading builder and popular activist in many cultural , social and educational projects. Younger daughter Lalita ( Dolly ) too has an excellent voice shown interest in drawing and designing which she is nurturing beautifully.
I was fortunate to be closely associated with DD ‘s son Vinay( Papya) and daughter Rekha (Dr. Aparna) who too managing” two professions” like me and kept her passion alive till today. To me she was and even today is one the finest singer with melodious voice .

D D s interest in electronics made him invent a Instrument like key board called Clay Violin . That was the first ever “synthesizer” made in India and later same was used in Hindi and Marathi Film Music for composing and recording almost over 300 melodious most popular songs by many leading music directors.
He also invented many small instruments which were used in commercial recordings of Hindi and Marathi films. He was fluent in playing Jal-Tarang, Dilrooba, Harmonium and even Tabla. .
His compositions were not so simple to sing and he was the ONLY such composer known who gave first break to “Gan Saraswati Lata didi ” and all The Mangeshkars. He made Pandit Jitendra Abhshekhi to sing his first film song, Gajannarao Watve, Hariprashad Chaurasia and many leading singers and musicians worked under him who later became famous in their own right..
My association with DD and his family gave me an opportunity to participate in his many concerts and shows. I was able to sing numerous songs with his compositions on TV and All India Radio
I will not forget when he asked me to sing a duet with Ms Vani Jayaram then a sensation with fresh voice who was popular with her first ever Hindi song “Bola re papihara ”
That duet written by Lyricist Shantaram Nandgaonkar was ” Talvyawar Mendicha Aajoon ranga Ola” composed by D D was telecast on Door Darshan popular show which was a big hit. That song will be always remain close to my heart.
D D always wanted to do something different and unique. He also involved me and his talented daughter Dr. Aparna for a song to be aired during Dasera (Navratri Festival days ) that was a” Song of the month”. A song dedicated to Goddess Ambadevi written by D D himself . In this song I saw a totally different folk music with unique rhythm and arrangement with limited Musicians and Rhythms not exceeding 5/6. It was so beautifully made and presented that it was well received by one and all. It was a song of the month so was aired every Saturday in the morning prime time. I have included that song, in my webpage though it is a poor audio quality but I can assure, you will admire DDs composition and work so effectively exhibited.
D D is and will be known in the history of Indian Film Music as a versatile composer and Musician arranger, who gave particularly in Marathi Industry most memorable songs sung by Legendary Singers like Sarwashri Lata didi, Asha tai, Sudhir Phadke, and many leading Singers of this Industry.
A truly extraordinary Music director of our time.
15th November is his birthday and this is being his Centenary year . I do believe all those musicians and singers will unite to celebrate the birthday of this greatest musician, composer and a finest human being called DUTTA DAVJEKAR.
DD you are always remembered for your sensitivity and humble nature…your amazing melodious compositions and your valuable contributions to this growing Music Industry .
Much loved “Pioneer” of Music Industry and loved by me and my family for his love and affection ………A Man full of Music and with a big heart .

15th November2016

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