Pt. YESHWANT DEO……..Happy Birthday






1st November 2016 : Marathi Maha guru Pt.Yeshwant Deo lovingly called Nanasaheb, complete 90 years of a very successful and memorable musical life. Couple of weeks ago I visited him at his Shivaji Park residence. Normally , he had restricted meeting visitors and his Fans but when he came to know I was at the door without any prior appointment he still came out and hugged me with a smiling face, as always.
I remember the music release event of my Marathi CD ( released by T-series” Swapna Madhil Rani” when both Nanasaheb and Karunatai were the chief guest. He not only released my CD but sat through the show listening to me presenting various genre of music especially Ghazals.

Next day early morning I received Karuna tai’s call congratulating me for successful event. She told me Nanasaheb was extremely happy to see me render a different genre. Nanasaheb as usual wished me “Kay Maharajah” “Aprateem..”complimenting me for rendering the ghazals so well. I consider this a true accomplishment for me to get such high praise from a legend like Nanasaheb. He asked me if I could pickup few ghazals he composed and sing them in my own style…” I was so happy,it was simply a blessing for me . I assured him and thanked him for his kind words deciding to meet at earliest.
However, that could not happen. Karunatai was taken ill and admitted to the Hospital from where she never returned. This was a great shock to Nanasaheb .He lost his life partner who was all along with him as his friend and Guide.
For me, I just want Nanasaheb to be in good health and do what he loves to do, create exceptional music.That day he open his diary and read out some phrases he wrote for Latadidi and several legendary with whom he worked and spent quality time He allowed me to take few clips and permitted me to show it to my near and dear ones. I am taking liberty to print these in this blog for my friends who too have tremendous love and respect for Nanasaheb.
Looking back to my association, it wasn’t that I was his closest like other leading singers and musicians but he knew I was and still am his ardent admirer and consider him my guru. Our communications are purely based on each other’s interest in music and my respect for him.He always kept himself briefed about my activities ,as due to my professional commitments I used to be away from homeland quite a lot. On one such occasion he asked me to participate in his presentation of songs closed to his heart, a homage to his Guru, Late Shri Anil Biswas. He translated few of the great Maestros Melodies in Marathi and made me sing along with leading Singers on that very innovative show. I was fortunate to sing few of those songs particularly sung byTalat Mahmood in Marathi.I still have those with me as a very dear memory. Immediately after that show I sang those compositions in various shows in India and abroad, every time appreciated by one and all..
His faith and confidence in me was evident when he asked me to sing for his very special show on Door darshan ” Shabdanchya Palikadale” presenting series of popular duets sung by leading marathi singers like Sarwashri Arun Date-AnuradhaPaudwal, Jaywant Kulkarni-Pushpapagdhare, Suresh Wadkar- Shobha Joshi and lastly by Uttara Kelkar and me. It was a great presentation and amongst all popular duets our Two duets composed and written by Nanasheb, became a hit….In my biography I did mention what a prominent personality when I was introduced to him…. he started singing the duet and told me that was his most favourite.( I have included those duets though not best AUDIO Quality in my Music Page on my webpage.)
I will be ever grateful to Nanasaheb, who made me and my voice made popular.
Nanasaheb, you will always be my master , guide and mentor. Your undisputed love for me and my singing, will be a most valuable. On your 90th birthday I pray to God for your best health and a long life. Our selfish gain is to be always close to your music and for you to keep composing music that brings tears to one’s eyes and a smile on our lips. Something that a true music lover will always want to feel.
This is just a recollection of memories for a great Maestro who I cherish and love dearly.

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