Remembrance Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh
Today 10th October 2016. …5th dEATH Anniversary of Legendary Shehenshaye Ghazal JAGJITSIGH-Ji BUT I simply can not forget the day 24th September 2011…….

I remember 24th September 2011, a morning meeting with Indian Ambassador in Kuwait with renown Ghazal Singer and friend Shri Pankaj Udhas and my local friend Reaven Dsouza of TIMES KUWAIT

It was a courtesy call by an Artist who was performing on the same evening for Kuwait Ghazal Lovers. This was a routine practice set by our “SURTRISHNA” musical group, while I was in Kuwait as a Regional Manager for AIRINDIA in Kuwait.

In our mid discussion Pankaj bhai, gets a call from his wife to say… ” Jagjit bhai is no more..” He took me aside and gave me this news..shocking and painful… he too did not know how to react and what to do…? but again he got a call informing him that he (Jagjit bhai) was in coma but in critical condition.

We decided to give this sad news to ” His Excellancy” and our intention to cancel the evening show but Hon. Ambassador advised us not to and to go ahead with the event as a Tribute to this Great Maestro and Pankaj bhai performed with a heavy heart that evening.

Today I go back to my association with this kind hearted, humble, Gentleman…yes, truly a gentleman with melodious voice and simplicity. When i met him the first time, he did not show any attitude but spoke to me very kindly as if I was his old pal. There after we met number of time and off course at the airport, while he was travelling. He somehow came to know my interest in music and asked me and was very happy to know my favourite Singer was Great Talat Mehmood Sahab. He was wondering how one can be so much in love with this genre, as he too had started singing Talat sahab nostalgic Ghazals and film songs. He asked me to give him my Talat Sahab ‘s remix song album released by then “Music India”. Continue reading “Remembrance Jagjit Singh”