…Close To My Heart

This may be surprising for all my family and friends to see that I have changed my profile from Ex Air India executive to SINGER/MUSICIAN. Friends who know me from my early days of childhood, certainly will be happy to see that I am back to my original identity as music lover and a passionate singer.

You may know that this was due to my dear father who was an excellent percussionist and stage Singer. He was a part of one of the leading Hindi Drama companies in Mumbai. He nurtured his passion throughout his life. When he was transferred to Dohad Western Railways foundry factory, he continued his tabla, accompanying several leading singers from Gujarat and Maharashtra. After his retirement, he settled in Mumbai and made me attend various concerts featuring legendary singers and musicians to develop my interest in Classical Singing and its importance.

Now, it’s necessary to take a walk down memory lane, remembering every single event and the wonderful people who supported me in my life especially during this passionate journey, those who gave me strength and courage helped me to learn difficult lessons of not only music but life too.
I have decided to put all those beautiful memories and time I spent with my closest group of friends, legendary composers, musicians, singers, and performers. There are some who helped & guided me and who truly made me what I am today. This starts with my father, my “Baba”…………

My inspiration was my “Baba” who was very keen to see me in this field from my childhood. He saw me coming out with a HMV disc for Marathi Bhavgeete, thanks to my then God father and mentor the late Shri Shantaram Nandgaonkar. He was the one who introduced me to several lead Singers and Music Directors Like Late Shri Dutta Davjekar, C. Ramchandra, Yeshwant Deo, Dashrath Poojary and many more. I have much to speak about these legends who I always treated as my mentors and guides. They truly encouraged me and introduced me to legendary singers and composers in the Marathi arena and I worked very closely with them thereafter.
However, my musical journey started with my local group of musicians from Shri Sainath kala mandal in Elphinstone Road, Parel. These talented musicians and music lovers introduced me to many Ganapati and Navratri Mandals performing all 9 days during these festivals. I was then maybe 10/11 years old. I used to sing in for female voices, popular songs of Lata didi and Asha tai.

I do remember, I used to also perform with the then young “JalTarang” Player and todays Legendary Musician & Composer Late Anil Mohile, who used to take me to sing as his filler artist. Anil Mohileji was the first known popular artist I met and performed with.

But I cannot forget the Late Rajanikant Rajadhakshya a poet and patrakar (Marathi NAVSHAKTI News reporter) in profession who not only introduced me to “NANUJI” Producer of All India radio GAMMAT JAMMMAT a popular children’s show at the aged of 10 but made me participate in many shows to perform live in several Musical operas to use me for their beautiful melodious compositions. Here, I remember meeting late Bhalchandra Deo, the younger brother of our finest Composer Shri Yeshwant Deo. His Marathi musicasl was the hit on this show and for the first time I gave a male voice in his Duets. The Late Bhalchandra Deo was the one who taught me the nuances of play back singing.

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  1. Wish you all the best Paresh! That you first recognized and saluted those who influenced you as you progressed in your true vocation is indicative of your humbleness and will undoubtedly result in great success! Best of luck buddy!!

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