Arun Paudwal,Me And My Musician Friends

Meeting my dearest friend ARUN PAUDWAL was accidental. We were both were studying in Siddharth College, Mumbai. I had my own group of friends from the Science fraternity who were my great supporters while he was in Arts. It was an annual yearly function, where I had participated with my group of musicians, while Arun was with the other competitive group. I had heard lots about him and was hoping and praying that he joins me/us.
Surprisingly, during one of our rehearsals, I saw a very handsome guy with a handkerchief on his collar approach me and said, “Are you Paresh ?” I said ‘Yes’. He without any hesitation told me he was very much impressed with my conduction of the Orchestra and that he wanted to join my group…! Continue reading “Arun Paudwal,Me And My Musician Friends”

…Close To My Heart

This may be surprising for all my family and friends to see that I have changed my profile from Ex Air India executive to SINGER/MUSICIAN. Friends who know me from my early days of childhood, certainly will be happy to see that I am back to my original identity as music lover and a passionate singer.

You may know that this was due to my dear father who was an excellent percussionist and stage Singer. He was a part of one of the leading Hindi Drama companies in Mumbai. He nurtured his passion throughout his life. When he was transferred to Dohad Western Railways foundry factory, he continued his tabla, accompanying several leading singers from Gujarat and Maharashtra. After his retirement, he settled in Mumbai and made me attend various concerts featuring legendary singers and musicians to develop my interest in Classical Singing and its importance. Continue reading “…Close To My Heart”